Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letter #6-Back in the U.S.

Hey! Im in Texas now! Its crazy how different the MTC is from the mission field. I definately feel a lot more homesick out here cause i actually see people living normally, instead of at the MTC where everyone there was doing what i was doing. We stayed the first night at the mission home, the mission president is awesome. They fed us dinner and breakfast, it was super good. The next morning we got up and got assigned to our new companions and areas. I got assigned to Brownsville. Its a border town just east of McAllen. A lot of spanish speakers and some english speakers. Really really ghetto area. My appartment is decent tho. My companion is Elder Roylance. Hes a cool guy. He lived in Washington on a farm somewhere. Hes been out for about 6 months or something like that. Anyways, we had our first lesson later that night. We taught a mom, her daughter, and her son. They are really cool. And it was in english. The daughter is doing really good and she and her brother have a baptisimal date set for sometime next month i think. THe only thing that is hard is that the son, hes like 15 or 16 years old, he has a son who is about 2 years old. Its crazy. We are teaching them about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity tonight, so im hoping that goes well. We also had a member lesson last night with dinner. The dinner was beans and rice and egg. It was alright i guess. These members were awesome tho, super nice. I taught the lesson, i kinda struggled with my spanish, but thats alright cause they knew that i was a new missionary out here. We also did some referal trackting yesterday, got shut down a lot. But i better get used to that. Also we went by this lady named Samantha. She is a less active member. We started talking to her and she blurted out the question "Guess what missionaries?" And we were like What?? And she said "My husband just got picked up by boarder control and sent back to Mexico" I didnt know what to think, i wanted to laugh, but i held it in. She looked super sad, we didnt really know how to help haha. We gave her some words of comfort, but as we were doing that, she got a phone call. She left for a minute. When she came back out, she was super excited! And she said that that was her husband on the phone and that hes gonna try to jump the boarder again tonight! haha! So we might be seeing her husband here soon. Haha it was pretty funny. That little story just goes to show how ghetto it is down here but i like it i guess. I dont have all that much time to write, sorry i didnt get to call at the airport. They were being pretty gay with the call rule, but i obeyed it anyway. I hope everything is doing great at home, i miss you guys a lot. If you can, send this to dad cause i dont know if ill have enough time to write him today.

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