Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter #19

Its been pretty cold down here! Nothing compared to Utah but for South Texas...... ya its pretty cold. I didnt come prepared for this weather at all! Roylance and I had to go to the mall a couple days ago so i could buy some sweaters so i didnt freeze haha.
Other than that, I did my first confirmation this week! Which was pretty sweet. It was with Red. He's doing awesome. They just called him to be the Elders Quorum secretary. Pretty crazy. A month ago this guy didnt even know about this gospel and now he's helping lead the ward. I love it!
This week has been pretty slow. Im pretty sure the coming week is going to be even slower cause of the holidays. Nobody really wants to let us in cause they all have family over or they are all gone doing the holiday thing.
Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #18

We baptized Red! This week flew by! We had appointments after appointments and then just yesterday we baptized Red. It was awesome. And he ended up bringing his whole family and they all thought it was a cool experience. Now were just hoping that gives them the push to get baptized haha. Elder Roylance did the baptism this time. 
And transfers came through and me and Elder Roylance are staying here in Cameron Park! Which is a shock for Elder Roylance. This is going to be his 4th here in Cameron Park. So Ill be here for quite a while still. Which is good i guess. I like it here. The only bad thing is that i know and have talked to practically everyone in Cameron Park haha. 
Yesterday we had a pretty sweet experience. During the spanish ward, Elder Roylance and i had to run out to the car to grab something and as we were walking out we saw a hispanic dude in a tank top walk up and he asked us if church has already started. We told him yes but he was more than welcome to go in and listen. We talked for a little bit and he just flat out told us, he quit drinking and smoking and he wanted to be baptized and he felt like this was the right church to come to. And me and Roylance looked at each other and we were like WHAT?! It was so sick. And then we asked what area he was in and he said Cameron Park! It was so awesome! So we sat him down, had a quick little lesson, set a Baptismal Date for the 1st of December and set an appointment up for tomorrow. It was amazing to see how prepared this guy was and how ready he was to make a change in his life. His name is Feliciano.
For Thanksgiving the English ward is having a Turkey Bowl and we got permission to go and play next week. Im pretty excited for that. Red said he's gonna bring some friends and hopefully we can make some new investigators out of that.  Red and his family already asked us to come have a cookout at his house on Thanksgiving haha. We are pretty stoked about that too.

Gotta go. Were headed off to go buy 800lbs of ties!

The church is true!!! I love you guys! Heres Red and his wife Anna and kids
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Letter #17

Whats up!! Yesterday the library was closed so we werent able to email. Sorry!
 This week we had threw a wedding for Red and Anna! It was sick! I cant really remember what ive told you guys about Red so far, so. Sorry if i repeat myself. Me and Elder Roylance had to plan everything and go and decorate the gym at the church. I never realized how hard it was to plan a wedding. If only we had some member help it wouldve have been a lot easier, hopefully we can get the members to actually start working with us soon. We've been working a lot with Red this week. He's been doing awesome. His real name is Geronimo Del Fierro. Everyone calls him Red tho because he used to be a boxer and when he got hit, his face would turn really red haha. Pretty cool i guess. He's been to church twice now and he wants to get baptized ASAP and he's more than ready to do it, so were hoping to have a baptism this Sunday! Im stoked.
Transfers are coming up! Im pretty sure ill be staying here in Brownsville, but who knows!
Not much else has happened. Were just trying to work with a lot of Red's family too. They are deffinately seeing the change that Red is going through. Its crazy how much he's grown and changed and Ive only known him for about a couple weeks!
Sorry the letters short. I got work to do, and its hard to concentrate when you have a raging headache. Ill make next weeks better.
Love you all!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween in Brownsville

Letter #16

I easily had one of the best weeks out here on my mission so far. It was so sick!
Some kids were riding skateboards in the street and i stopped them and asked if i could ride haha. They said ya and looked at me all wierd cause i had my bike helmet on and i was in a shirt and tie haha. But then i showed them how to ollie and kickflip and they thought i was the next Tony Hawk or something! It was rad.  Halloween was alright, we had to be in at 6 and study for the rest of the night, it wasnt all that fun, but no biggie.
But we did find a new investigator named Red! He's so awesome. He's 24 years old and has 2 kids and lives with his girlfriend. He's got a gnarly tattoo on his forearm that says RED. haha.  We found him while we were walking to another investigators house and he stopped us in the road and we introduced ourselves and he asked us if we were the ones with the Book of Mormon. We said ya and he said he was interested in that book and told us to come back the next day. So we did. We had an amazing first lesson and he had a lot of questions about where we came from and why were here and he thought that aliens or something sent us here and this life was just a test. So i guess he got a little bit of it right haha. But what was really cool and blew my mind was how he heard about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was watching t.v. the other night and some history channel came up about the Mormons and the Book of Mormon. He thought it was really interesting and wanted to know more. And then the next day, we showed up. He told us, he's like "Its not a coincidence that you guys showed up. Cause right when i wanted to know more about this book, you guys came" And that right then, it made me realize that God does send us to certain places for a reason. Im here in Texas for a reason. God wants me here, not anywhere else.
So we set a BD with him and he's doing super good. He's quit drinking and smoking, he came to church with his family and him and his wife are getting married this Saturday by the bishop. Im hoping this one actually goes through haha.
I have like no time to write more but Im loving the mission more day by day. We've got a big week ahead and im super stoked! Thanks for everything!!