Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter #5 to Dad

What up Dad!
This week has been soo awesome! Definately one of the better ones here in the MTC. We just got back from the temple. It was awesome. They dont have the new video yet though. And now that i think of it, that might have been my last temple session until i get home. Thats alright i guess.
Mom told me that you ran into Alex the other day? Thats sweet. She sent me the pic. He´s gonna be awesome, especially once he gets out of the MTC and out here to Mexico City. We actually saw the missionaries walking around town while we were headed to the temple. It looked like they were having such a good time!
Im jealous of the biking you and mom are doing, it sounds awesome! I cant wait to go bike around McAllen, its gonna be sick. I heard that alot of the roads are dirt roads or theyre really bad concrete so hopefully i have some solid tires on my bike.
Yesterday we had some time on our hands, so we decided to go talk to the new natives that just barely arrived. They were awesome. They talked really fast, but after i told them to repeat what they said once or twice i could understand what they said and then reply. We talked to two Elders, one was from the Dominican Republic and one was from here in Mexico City. The one from the D.R. was super energetic and looked like he was having a great time. The one from Mexico City was the total opposite. Poor kid. I could tell he was missing home already. He asked me a question What do you do when you are homesick? it took me a minute to understand what he was saying, then when i did, i didnt know what to tell him. Woops. So i hope hes doing alright. Did you ever get major homesickness when you were out serving? Or do you have any awesome experiences from your mish that you wanna tell me, or any advice going into the field? Cause i hear its gonna be a whole different world when i get out there, but im stoked.
Where are you going on your work trips? Anywhere crazy?
Well, Im gonna try to call you and mom at the airport in Dallas so thats probably the next time we´ll talk. And i dont know when my next P day is to email, but ill let you guys know when i find out.
Thanks for everything Dad! Love you! Talk to you soon

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