Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter #4 to Mom

Hey Mom!
This week has been great! Time has been flying by now and i cant believe ive already been out for almost a month! Its crazy, but im lovin it. Not really anything new this week here. But i did hear that i get to go to the temple one more time before we head out to McAllen, so that will be nice! I doubt they will have the new temple video, but who knows?! Maybe they will! I just wrote Montana, i hope shes doing well. I wanted to watch that Mormon Ballers video so bad, but the computer must have it blocked or something. i bet it will work if you download it onto your computer and then send it, instead of sending it as a link from youtube, if you can figure it out, great, if not, no worries. My stomachs been doing better! And i just got a hairciut today, pretty much buzzed it. Im sure dad would love it, cause hes always saying i should get a buzz haha.
Thats awesome that Emersons started soccer up again! Im sure shes having a blast, i miss soccer a lot! We dont really play it here. We usually play basketball for gym time and the games get pretty heated, but its so fun! I hope Indys doing well, sounds like surgery wasnt too fun but atleast his chest will be all fixed up. And i still hit the gym here a little bit, so dont give Indy to much hope that hes gonna be able to take me on when i get back haha.
So i leave on the morning of the 26. And i do get to call at the airport i think! So ill call both your phone and dads phone, if you arent with each other. And another think i forgot to get is a sewing kit. If you can send one in the package, that would be awesome, if not, i can just buy one in McAllen somewhere.
Other than that, everything is awesome here! Hope everything is going great back at home! Love you guys a lot!

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