Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter #7

The field has definately gotten a lot better since the first few days i was here. It was tough, i wasnt really used to my surroundings at all, but now ive kinda taken everything in, and im looking forward to an awesome time here in Brownsville! So my area is one of the most ghetto parts here in the McAllen mission. Our area, Cameron Park, isnt even owned by the city of Brownsville because of how ghetto it is. Haha, pretty crazy, but there are some awesome people here. The members are all so nice and help me out with my spanish, which i do need a lot of help with!
We set a baptismal date with a little girl named Annette. I cant remeber if i told you guys about it or not. But she's awesome, super energetic 10 year old who loves the gospel. We went over to teach her on Friday and out of the blue this old lady comes out of the house and just starts raggin on us in spanish. I had no clue what she was saying but i could tell she was furious. I later find out that she says we cant come over anymore and teach Annette, and she was saying Annette doesnt want anything to do with our church and all this other stuff. My companion got a little heated, so i kinda pulled him away and we got outta there. So bad news is, i dont think we can go visit Annette anymore. Pretty sad, cause if it werent for that Grandma, im sure we would have her baptized in no time.
We had so many investigators that commited to come to church this week and none of them came, it was really frustrating. But were hoping that this week is a lot better.
Oh, we got invited to a 50th wedding anniversary of a couple in our ward. Theyre are so cool. So we went. My companion said that they had been planning this wedding anniversary party for like a month now. It was awesome. They had a live mexican band, all the men were wearing their mexican cowboy tuxedo's and the women in big dresses. Tons of food. Tons of people. Everyone was taking pictures with the couple, it was just a huge party! I have a picture, ill attatch it too. I make the couple look so short haha. That party was definately the highlight of the week.
Not much more went on this past week that i can really remember. I went shopping for food for the first time. That was cool i guess. i bought a lot of cold cereal and milk and oatmeal haha. So hopefully i can live off that for a while. We get fed pretty good down here by all the members, so im not too worried.
Anyways, its been an awesome week, im looking forward to more! I hope everyones doing good! Sounds like you guys are having a blast back at home. I dont have much time to write, so i have to make this quick.
Love you!!

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