Thursday, August 8, 2013

Letter #3 to Mom

Hey! Back home sounds good! Thats sweet that you and dad have started biking! And Emerson with soccer! Thats sweet, shes gonna love it! I havent seen Cole Paynes video, but thats sounds awesome! i wanna look it up somewhere but i dont know if im really aloud to haha. Everythings been going good here! Im gonna try to be a little more positive and spiritual in my letters, thats something i need to work on haha! The only bad thing, is that the food here is making me sick. Its not good on my stomach at all, and ive had some bad stomach pains, but thats just something im gonnna have to get over i guess. I wish i had some more spiritual experiences to share, but just remember im still in the MTC soo... I sent a letter to dad also. I mightve included some more stuff in his, i cant really remember. But im loving it here! Ive made some good friends! But i honestly cant even wait to get to McAllen. Theres nothing else i really need, except a truck load of food in the McAllen package would be nice haha! Tell Indy to shoot me an email, i wanna hear from him, and emerson too!
Love you guys!

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