Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter #5 to Mom

Hey Mom!
This week has been awesome! We just got back from the temple, its was a great session! I could understand a lot more than i could the first temple session which was like a month ago. I never knew how many people lived in Mexico City until we saw them all walking to school this morning, it was crazy! It kinda felt like i should be going back to school too. Hows Indy, is he going to be able to skate or anything for a while? Ya, i can get all that extra stuff at Walmart when i get to McAllen, if there even is a Walmart. Who knows.
Anyways, everything is great, i hope everythings going great at home. Miss you guys a lot. I guess next time we talk will be when i get to the Dallas Airport. And i dont know exactly when my next P day will be cause ill be in McAllen!!
Thanks for everything! Love you and talk to you soon!

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