Thursday, August 8, 2013

Letter #3 to Dad

Hey what up Dad
Not much new here in the MTC, but ive decided i need to take your advice and be a little more positive about the whole experience haha. Thats sweet that you and mom are starting to bike now! Finally putting that new bike to use. I bet its awesome! Some crazy things that have happened this past week, we had an earthquake! The sirens went off and no one knew what was going on haha. Everyone just walked out of class and we were all just chilling outside then some leader said we just had an earthquake. I didnt feel a thing. But i did here from someone that the earthquake was actually in the newspaper, i bet we will have a few more of those before i leave haha. Also we had a massive rain storm one night. I have never seen it rain harder in my life. Puddles everywhere shin deep no joke. And we had a devotional we had to get to, so we go outside and we just see tons of missionarys just bookin it to the auditorium haha it was a sight to see. Elders were losing shoes in the puddles, sisters were falling in the puddles, it was a mess! But it was pretty fun. Its been a pretty chill week so far, the only bad thing is that the food is making me sick, not too good on my stomach at all.
Could you email me my farewell talk? All the other elders have the farewell talks here and they all read it, so i feel like im missin out haha. I wish i had somme more experiences to share, but im still in the MTC so theres not much i can do about that. It sounds like back home is doing good! Have fun in Hawaii! Sounds sick! Good luck to Indy on his surgery, tell him to email me sometime and say what up, its always good to get emails here. Love you guys!

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