Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter #45

Whats up?!
This last week was awesome. We had Cesar's baptism! It went really well, I don't have a pic to send. My bad. Ill try and get on that. It was really cool cause he even brought his mom and sister too! They seemed to enjoy it a lot so we're hoping they will be our next victims ;)
We aren't really working with anyone right now. Elder Christiansen and I cleared our board so its going to be a big week of finding! So we're hoping all goes well with that.
Love you guys!

Elder Brian

Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter #44

Good news!!
Hey guys!! This week was killer! The Morales family got baptized! It was awesome. Thanks for all the prayers! They are doing really good right now and are being taken in as part of the branch family. The members here rad. They love doing missionary work.
We had a miracle this last week. We weren't really working with anyone too solid and we were praying to find some prepared people. So we go to branch coordination with the ward mission leader and we end up seeing all the kids at mutual so we go talk to them and Miguel (one of the young men) had brought one of his friends. And we find out that his friend (Cesar) has been coming to church with him on and off for about 2 years and he came up to us and told us that he thinks its time for him to get baptized! So we started working with him and we had a first lesson. At the end he said a prayer and told us that what he was doing was right and that he believed with all his heart that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. It was sick! The spirit was really strong and we set his Baptismal date for this Friday! I have a strong testimony that the Lord answers each and every one of our prayers and if we are doing everything we need to be, following all the commandment and being exactly obedient, there is no way that the Lord can keep those miracles from happening.
I love the mission! Thanks for being there to support! I love you guys!
Elder Brian

Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter #43

Hey guys!
Skyping yesterday was awesome! It was good seeing you all again!

Everyone is probably saying I like gained a ton of weight or something but I haven't OK!! I've only gained like 6 lbs! And it all went to my face!  My pants still fit the same, my shirts still fit the same, my belt the same. Everything the same OK.  Sorry, that was bugging me, i had to get that cleared up haha.
I don't have to much to say today but the Morales family is doing great! They are looking good for their baptism this Sunday! The week right before the baptism is always tough so if you could keep them in your prayers that would be awesome.
Thanks a ton. Love you guys! Have a killer week!
Elder Brian

Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter #42

Buenos Dias!

Transfers came and prayers were answered, I'm staying in Laredo with Elder Christiansen!! We were pretty stoked when we heard the news. Our whole zone is pretty much staying the same except for a couple dying missionaries who are headed home.
The week was pretty good! Nothing too much to fill you guys in on. Some weird drug stories but thats kinda the norm around here. The family we are teaching is progressing really well! Thanks for the prayers!
Thanks for the support and love! Cant wait to talk next week! Love you guys!
Elder Brian