Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter #8

Hey Guys!
This week has been awesome! We just barely got back from Downtown, right next to the border. Its pretty crazy down there. Lots of little mexican shops and stuff, it was pretty sweet to see the border haha. We did just buy 100 pounds of ties though! And only for 50 bucks! The elders go crazy for ties down here. They are all about the nice brand ties. And also all the locals will notice if you are walking around with a nice tie. So when you buy a bundle (100 lbs worth) you can get all kinds of ties, its all random. So if you get lucky you can find really nice, expensive ties. And then the elders trade. Its pretty sweet, hopefully i find some nice ones today haha.
Oh, and Dad, i did try an Elote this week! The corn on the stick with cheese and chile. The stuff that they eat in Nacho Libre haha. It was pretty good i guess. Not as good as i thought it would be, but for 1.50$ i guess it wasnt too bad. Trucks drive around all over town selling them. They call the trucks, Elote men. Haha, but everyone buys them down here like crazy!
Anyways, so this week we've been working a lot with Chris. the 15 year old. He actually came to church this week and we were stoked about that! This was his second time he's come, so now he's back on track to being baptized! Im super excited for him, his baptismal date is set for September 15. We havent really had too much success finding new investigators this week. But on Wednesday, we were talking to some less active youth and we convinced them to let us sit down with them, but they said only if we play them in a game of basketball. Haha, so we did. It was awesome. When we got to the court, there were two other kids playing, and we asked if they wanted to join our game, and they did! And we actually ended up teaching them a lesson after too! The kids that we met at the court were Juan and Andrew. Juan is 17 years old, super nice kid, pretty short and he's really into dancing. And Andrew, he's 12 years old, also pretty short but definately a lot bigger than Juan. We asked them if we could come by some day this week and they said yes! So im hoping all goes well with them this week. Its been raining a ton down here the past couple days. I dont know if its anything close to the storm that you guys had just barely, but its been pretty crazy.
I dont have much time to write, but hope everythings going well back at home! Thanks for everything! Love you guys! We'll talk next week!!
Love Elder Brian

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