Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter #10

Hello Hello!!
Good news!! I was able to baptize Chris!! It was so awesome. It turns out, he did get released from probation and he only has to do some community service or something. Pretty sweet experience for my first baptism. I only messed up twice on the prayer haha!
Other than that, the week was pretty good. Nestor and Nidia are continuing to progress and they ended up coming to church yesterday too! Theyre so awesome. We did find a new investigator, i cant remember if ive already talked about Daniel or not. But hes awesome. We had some really good lessons this week with him, and it sounds like he is really interested and wants to progress. He has a wife and 2 kids. The wife isnt that interested at all, but hopefully we can get her interested this week or something.
On a different note, we went on exchanges this week, and I went with Elder Ferrel. Another Elder i live with. I was in charge of my area, which was pretty hard haha. I still am struggling to find my way around. So we were going by some people i knew and while we were walking, we hear blasting music, so we pass by and a bunch of guys are having a big cookout and drinking and stuff. As we passed by, they yelled at us and told us to come back and have some food and hangout. We shouldve kept walking, but i was hungry, so we went back and joined them haha. They were all totally wasted out of their minds, asking us all these weird questions and getting in our faces. It was hilarious. They all kept talking about how they wanted to become better people and stop drinking. Which was awesome, but i doubt they even knew what they were saying cause they were so drunk. They fed us Cameron, its like some shrimp food. It was alright. But, we did end up setting a return appointment with them, so hopefully we can catch up with them sometime this week when they arent totally drunk. Haha. So that was some funny experience that happened this week.
Everything is going great down here in Brownsville. Hope everythings good with everyyone at home. Thanks for everything!
Love you all!

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