Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #9

Hey Guys! This week has been good. Nothing too crazy or anything. The only bad thing is that Chris's baptism didnt go through. I was super bummed. We found out that Chris is on probabtion for something he did in the past. We all were pretty bummed, even Chris! His court date is this Friday, so if all goes well and he gets released or something then he can get baptizedthis Sunday! So were praying super hard that everything works out for him.
This week we found a really awesome couple named Nestor and Nidia. Me and Elder Roylance used to many miles on our car so we had to bike, and while we were biking, we passed a guy smoking a cig, so we decided to stop and talk. This guy was Nestor. He put out his cig and we sat down with him and had an amazing lesson and he accepted a baptismal date! It turns out that he had just gotten out of jail, and while he was in jail he started reading the bible and he knew that he needed to get his life in order. So he's accepting everything and is so eager to learn, its so awesome! Two days later, we went back to teach him another lesson and this time his wife was there, Nidia. We invited her to join in on our lesson, and she accepted a baptismal date too! They have 2 little kids, a little boy and a little girl. As of right now, theyre both doing amazing and want to learn more. The only problem in they are living on close to nothing, and Nestor walks about 10 miles to work everyday cause they have no car. So it might be a little tough to get them to church, but thats what members are for, right?!  
Thats a little bit of whats been going on this week. Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

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