Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #11

Hey Guys!!
This past week wasnt the best week, but it was still good i guess! We didnt have to much success finding anyone to teach and a couple of our investigators flaked out on lessons but i guess thats just what happens. Good news on Nestor and Nidia! They are doing awesome, we did find out that they arent married tho...... but we can always fix that. We asked them if they would wanna get married and they both said, "whatever God wants us to do, we'll do it!" It was awesome. So it looks like me and Elder Roylance are planning a wedding this week! Haha, that'll be interesting!
Chris was confirmed a member just yesterday, that was pretty sweet! He calls us everyday like 10 times asking when he's gonna become a mormon and be able to teach like us. haha! He's awesome. But the only bad thing was that me and Elder Roylance were late to church and didnt make it in time for his confirmation...whoops! So the bishop did it for us. Chris was super mad and disappointed that we didnt make it, ut we do have a pretty solid reason for being late. So before church, we went to our investigators house to go wake them up and get them ready for church and we went to this one guys house and knocked on his door. He came out and he was all beat up. We were like "What happened!" And he told us that last night he got mugged by the cartel. So we did all we could to help him out and then we lost track of time and thats why we were late to church. Pretty interesting right?! haha.
We did find a new investigator named Miguel this week. He's like 20 years old and he's a musician. He's really nice and has a pretty dang good voice im not gonna lie. Our first visit with him was like our own personal concert haha. He brought out his guitar and just started playing all these Christian hymns and we sang along, haha. It was pretty sick! He gets called all the time by all these churches to go play for them and stuff. He said he loves it. But we did set a baptisimal date with him and hopefully he progresses!
Transfers are next week, im pretty positve that me and my companion are staying in our area. But who knows! I let you know more about that next week.
Hope everythings going great!
Love Elder Brian

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