Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter #12

Its been a pretty slow week down here in Brownsville. Conference was awesome! We watched it at the chapel along with a lot of the spanish ward and english ward. Transfer calls came through! And it turns out that they are shutting a couple areas down in my zone and me and Elder Roylance are taking over one of them! So we'll have a lot more people to work with now. And two elders are moving out of our appartment, so its just me and my companion in a 4 man appartment. We have so much room now its awesome!!
 Not too much success and we've had to drop a lot of our investigators since no one is wanting to progress. Nestor and Nidia were doing good, but they wont set a wedding date anymore, and without that, they cant get baptized. Elder Roylance and I were praying super hard that they would come to conference cause we knew it would answer their questions about marriage, but unfortunately they didnt show. It wouldve been so perfect cause Elder Ballard or someone in the first session on Saturday, i cant remember (whoops), gave an amazing talk on Chastity and Marriage and it wouldve definately helped changed their minds on that. So this week, were giving them one last lesson to see if they will progress, if they do then we'll keep teaching, if not, we have to let them go.
Other than that, nothing too big going on. Like i said, its been a bit of a slow week. Thanks for everything!

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