Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter #37

Word from Laredo!
This place is awesome. I might as well be living in Mexico cause thats what its like here. I can actually see Mexico from our apartment haha. I love it. The people are great. We're still trying to get to know the area and members but its a lot of fun. We are constantly running into people who we think are members and 5 minutes into the conversation we find out they aren't haha. Its a pretty good way to find people and get them to sit down and listen if you dont know if they are a member or not. My new comp is awesome! He's from Nashville, Tennessee. He's been out on the mish for one transfer longer than i have. He's really cool. Our apartment is nice. Its actually a lot nicer than the other apartment in Harlingen which was pretty surprising. Laredo, to explain what its like, its a bunch of Tire shops, Taquerias, and Flea markets. And a lot of Palm trees too. I thought Texas was just flat everywhere, but here in Laredo there are actually some pretty gnarly hills. Our zone is the smallest zone in the mission and the only zone without Sisters. Its kind of a sketchy area for Sisters to be in haha.
Right now we are working with a younger kid named Jorge. He's doing really well. He's been to church 3 times and his baptism is coming up really soon. We are working with his Mom too. She's doing great. And me and Elder Christiansen just found a young couple the other day while we were out working. They are awesome. Their names are Mundo and Cristina. We had a really good first lesson and set a good baptismal date with them for the 27 of April.
Thats whats going on here in Laredo! I love it. Thanks you guys for the support and the love! Have a killer week! And remember who you are!
Elder Brian

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