Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter #34

What up everyone!!
Elder Nichols and I are out of the famine of finding people to teach finally!! We're stoked! It was a awesome experience and definately a testimony builder. So Elder Nichols and I were out tracking in Lyford and no joke, i think we went by every house in the entire town. By then, i was about to quit. I was so sick of knocking doors and no one wanting anything. So me and Nichols walk to our bikes, ready to head home and we decide to go knock one more house. It was a house that a member refered us to that we hadn't gone to yet. So we go by and a Mom answers, we tell her who we are, have a good quick conversation and she lets us in. The whole family is sitting down in the family room, ready to listen. It was awesome! It was already set up pretty much haha. We had a great first lesson on the restoration and invited the family to be baptized and they accepted! It was sick! So now we are teaching a family of 6. The Reyna family. They're awesome. It was definately a lesson learned. A trial of faith. God will put you to the very end, see how much you are willing to put out and he will come help. But first you have to show him youre willing to do it.
So that is whats up with the area here in Raymondville. Its great. The weather hasnt been the best lately but were getting through it haha. Spring Break is here! Lots and lots of people are coming through and heading out to South Padre. i cant even imagine how crazy that's going to be. haha.
Thanks everyone! Love you all!
Elder Brian

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