Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter #38

First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It was awesome, definitely felt the love ;) Its kind of weird telling all the people that I'm now 19 when I've been telling everyone I'm 18 my whole mission.
Conference was rad. I hope you all got a chance to watch it. I never really knew how blessed we really were to be able to hear from Prophets and Apostles of God every six months. I love it! I learned a lot. I loved Elder Ballard's talk on missionary work and I felt kind of guilty when he told the missionaries to make sure that you tell your family about your studies and the things that you are learning. I feel like i could do a lot better at that.
This week was good! Olga and Jorge are doing great. They are all set to get baptized this coming Saturday! We've been finding some good people. We have some people lined up with baptism dates, and we hope to work a lot with them this week, so I'll definitely keep you guys updated on that.

Earlier this week we went over to a members house and she threw a little party and we had mexican tres leches! It was so good! But for birthdays here, the mexican tradition is to smash the cake in the birthday mans face after the song. Its called a Molida. So the song ended and they smashed a cupcake in my face! And it wasnt just a little smash. It was like frosting up the nose, and I was blowing frosting out for the next couple days haha! It was awesome. Hopefully i can bring that mexican tradition home and start using it there after the mish. Im sure you guys would like that :)
Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome. Have a killer week and remember who you are!
E. Brian

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