Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter #33

Well, Mom I can definately say I feel for you and your stomach problems this past week cause i've had the same problems this whole week too. Last Monday, some lady gave us some tacos and they were super sketchy looking tacos (but down here, the sketchier the tacos look the better they taste haha) so we ate them cause we didnt want to offend the lady. They did not taste good at all! And...... I ended up getting food poisoning which was not fun. Especially on a bike. 
Earlier this week the zl's and dl's had an emergency training and the top dawgs over the missionary work came down. They said it was awesome and our whole way of teaching as a mission has changed! We now do a totally different way of teaching. We now teach using a lot of pictures and pamphlets and the lessons are only going to be about 15 minutes tops each. I really like it.
This week, Nichols and I still havent found any solid investigators. Just a lot of biking around, still getting to know the area just a bit, but we did find some really good potentials that we are going to go by this week and hopefully with this new teaching we can find some people who will accept! Im stoked to try it out!
A pretty sweet experience we had just the other day, Elder Nichols and I were headed over to a potential investigators house, we got there, turns out he wasnt home. We were pretty bummed but a less active lived really close by, so we decided to go by and see if she needed some help. We get there, and she opens up the door with tears rolling down her face and she told us that she had just finished saying a prayer, asking for the missionarys to come and help. And BAM. We showed up. That was just a huge testimony builder not only to her, but to me. I know that God answers prayers and that he is always looking after each and everyone of us. I love it!
Thank you guys a ton for the prayers and the support! I love you all!
*Don't forget to pray ;)
Elder Brian

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