Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter #35

Que tal!
To kick it off, we found some pretty sick new investigators this week and the Reyna family that we are teaching is still doing great! The new couple we found, their names are Carlos and Bobbie Joe. My comp and the District Leader actually found them while i was on an exchange with a sick (like ill, not like cool) elder.They are pretty sweet. And we found out that they are married! So that definately shows signs of prepared people ;) We are going by today to teach them again and hopefully set in stone a solid baptismal date for sometime in April.
So, because i was on exchanges with a sick Elder, i got to just chill all day at the appartment and do nothing really. A lot of studying and sleeping and working out haha. Its was cool for the first hour or two, then i really wished i was out working. And plus it felt really weird not being out.
I cant remember if i mentioned this last week, but we were in Lyford, working that part of our area and we passed by the skatepark and i asked my comp if we could go through for a little bit and talk to some skaters. So we did. I talked to some kids, asked if i could use the board and they said yes. So i skated! It was awesome. A lot of the kids were just staring at me the whole time, im pretty sure they were thinking who the heck i was. A missionary riding a skateboard, doing the minipipe. Hhaha. It was fun. We got to know a lot of the skaters and maybe we'll pass by them in the future ;) President says use your talents, so.... I did haha.
Right now im reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma 50's and 60's. I never knew how much of a man Captain Moroni was. He's a boss! I just thought id let you guys know. If you want to read about war and fighting and hero's. The book of Alma is definately the book to go to.
Life's great. The mission is awesome! Thanks for the support! i love you all! Hope you all have a killer week! And remember who you are!
Elder Brian

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