Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter #32

Pretty awesome week! We had two baptisms! Ilanie and Ilita Rodriguez! It was deffinately one of the better feeling baptisms that ive had. Everything went as planned and the water was actually somewhat warm haha. And it seemed like Ilanie and Ilita had an awesome experience.
Earlier this week we went out to the Gulf of Mexico! Kind of. Its a little area called the Laguna Madre. A town called Port Mansfield. Its about a 35 mintue drive from Raymondville but its 1 of the 10 best fishing towns in the U.S. Not a lot of people live out there but a lot of fishers just go rent houses and boat around and fish. We went and visited a less active family out there and they showed us around the whole town and took us out on the peir and we watched the sunset and had an awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon. It was sweet! And the town is awesome cause the deer out there just roam around and they are so used to people that they come up to you and you can pet them and feed them! I would have sent some pics but i forgot my sd card at the house, my bad.
Right now Elder Nichols and I arent really working with anyone. Its been pretty hard to find people to teach. But were hoping and praying this week is going to be a good one!
Thanks for everything! Have an awesome week!
Elder Brian

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