Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter #19

Its been pretty cold down here! Nothing compared to Utah but for South Texas...... ya its pretty cold. I didnt come prepared for this weather at all! Roylance and I had to go to the mall a couple days ago so i could buy some sweaters so i didnt freeze haha.
Other than that, I did my first confirmation this week! Which was pretty sweet. It was with Red. He's doing awesome. They just called him to be the Elders Quorum secretary. Pretty crazy. A month ago this guy didnt even know about this gospel and now he's helping lead the ward. I love it!
This week has been pretty slow. Im pretty sure the coming week is going to be even slower cause of the holidays. Nobody really wants to let us in cause they all have family over or they are all gone doing the holiday thing.
Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

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