Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Letter #17

Whats up!! Yesterday the library was closed so we werent able to email. Sorry!
 This week we had threw a wedding for Red and Anna! It was sick! I cant really remember what ive told you guys about Red so far, so. Sorry if i repeat myself. Me and Elder Roylance had to plan everything and go and decorate the gym at the church. I never realized how hard it was to plan a wedding. If only we had some member help it wouldve have been a lot easier, hopefully we can get the members to actually start working with us soon. We've been working a lot with Red this week. He's been doing awesome. His real name is Geronimo Del Fierro. Everyone calls him Red tho because he used to be a boxer and when he got hit, his face would turn really red haha. Pretty cool i guess. He's been to church twice now and he wants to get baptized ASAP and he's more than ready to do it, so were hoping to have a baptism this Sunday! Im stoked.
Transfers are coming up! Im pretty sure ill be staying here in Brownsville, but who knows!
Not much else has happened. Were just trying to work with a lot of Red's family too. They are deffinately seeing the change that Red is going through. Its crazy how much he's grown and changed and Ive only known him for about a couple weeks!
Sorry the letters short. I got work to do, and its hard to concentrate when you have a raging headache. Ill make next weeks better.
Love you all!

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