Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #18

We baptized Red! This week flew by! We had appointments after appointments and then just yesterday we baptized Red. It was awesome. And he ended up bringing his whole family and they all thought it was a cool experience. Now were just hoping that gives them the push to get baptized haha. Elder Roylance did the baptism this time. 
And transfers came through and me and Elder Roylance are staying here in Cameron Park! Which is a shock for Elder Roylance. This is going to be his 4th here in Cameron Park. So Ill be here for quite a while still. Which is good i guess. I like it here. The only bad thing is that i know and have talked to practically everyone in Cameron Park haha. 
Yesterday we had a pretty sweet experience. During the spanish ward, Elder Roylance and i had to run out to the car to grab something and as we were walking out we saw a hispanic dude in a tank top walk up and he asked us if church has already started. We told him yes but he was more than welcome to go in and listen. We talked for a little bit and he just flat out told us, he quit drinking and smoking and he wanted to be baptized and he felt like this was the right church to come to. And me and Roylance looked at each other and we were like WHAT?! It was so sick. And then we asked what area he was in and he said Cameron Park! It was so awesome! So we sat him down, had a quick little lesson, set a Baptismal Date for the 1st of December and set an appointment up for tomorrow. It was amazing to see how prepared this guy was and how ready he was to make a change in his life. His name is Feliciano.
For Thanksgiving the English ward is having a Turkey Bowl and we got permission to go and play next week. Im pretty excited for that. Red said he's gonna bring some friends and hopefully we can make some new investigators out of that.  Red and his family already asked us to come have a cookout at his house on Thanksgiving haha. We are pretty stoked about that too.

Gotta go. Were headed off to go buy 800lbs of ties!

The church is true!!! I love you guys! Heres Red and his wife Anna and kids
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