Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #16

I easily had one of the best weeks out here on my mission so far. It was so sick!
Some kids were riding skateboards in the street and i stopped them and asked if i could ride haha. They said ya and looked at me all wierd cause i had my bike helmet on and i was in a shirt and tie haha. But then i showed them how to ollie and kickflip and they thought i was the next Tony Hawk or something! It was rad.  Halloween was alright, we had to be in at 6 and study for the rest of the night, it wasnt all that fun, but no biggie.
But we did find a new investigator named Red! He's so awesome. He's 24 years old and has 2 kids and lives with his girlfriend. He's got a gnarly tattoo on his forearm that says RED. haha.  We found him while we were walking to another investigators house and he stopped us in the road and we introduced ourselves and he asked us if we were the ones with the Book of Mormon. We said ya and he said he was interested in that book and told us to come back the next day. So we did. We had an amazing first lesson and he had a lot of questions about where we came from and why were here and he thought that aliens or something sent us here and this life was just a test. So i guess he got a little bit of it right haha. But what was really cool and blew my mind was how he heard about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was watching t.v. the other night and some history channel came up about the Mormons and the Book of Mormon. He thought it was really interesting and wanted to know more. And then the next day, we showed up. He told us, he's like "Its not a coincidence that you guys showed up. Cause right when i wanted to know more about this book, you guys came" And that right then, it made me realize that God does send us to certain places for a reason. Im here in Texas for a reason. God wants me here, not anywhere else.
So we set a BD with him and he's doing super good. He's quit drinking and smoking, he came to church with his family and him and his wife are getting married this Saturday by the bishop. Im hoping this one actually goes through haha.
I have like no time to write more but Im loving the mission more day by day. We've got a big week ahead and im super stoked! Thanks for everything!!

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