Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #20

Thanksgiving was pretty sweet!! Ate so much food. Ive never felt so full in my life haha! We only had two meal appointments, but you know Mexicans. They will give you food until they have no more food to give you haha. 
We are having two baptisms this week! Its the little bro and sis of Red! We've been teaching them for a while now but we just barely got permission from Red's mom to baptize them. And whats even sicker is that Red is going to baptize them! We dont even have to get in the water! haha. Thats our goal as missionaries is to not get in the water. Its a lot better when you have members from the ward do it, cause we wont be here as long as they are haha.
We've been working a lot with a guy named Feliciano. I cant remember if i've talked about him or not but he's so ready to be baptized he just has to get married with his wife. And the only thing thats stopping them is that he doesnt have money to buy a license. So we've been praying for a miracle or something! A lady actually stopped us in the middle of the road a couple days ago and gave us 20 bucks. So we put that toward our Feliciano fund haha.
Too bad missionarys cant buy investigators licenses or anything or Feliciano wouldve been baptized like a month ago!
Transfers arent till the end of the year. I have a feeling this month is going to be super long. I know this might sound mean, but i cant wait to get a new comp! He's killin me right now! I swear we are always argueing and sometimes i just want to deck him in the face. But i guess thats just how it goes.
Happy Holidays!
Love you all! Thanks for everything!
Elder Brian

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