Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter #15

This week was sweet! So yesterday me and Elder Roylance were on the bikes. I love bike days. So we were just messing around, i was jumping the curbs and trying to do weelies and stuff, pretty much just being stupid haha. So i was riding no hands and pedaling pretty fast and wasnt paying attention to anything and i totally lost control and ate it hard on the pavement haha! I slid across the concrete for a good 5 yards or so haha. Pants were ripped up, my bike handle is jacked, my arm is pretty scraped up haha! I guess thats what i get for being stupid. My companion just sat there and laughed at me! haha! It was funny.
Other than that, nothing too new with investigators. Were just working on finding people. I did get to carve a pumpkin at the ward party tho, so that was fun! Ive heard that we might have to be in early on Halloween night, but who knows. Hopefully we get to do something fun!! People are pretty crazy about Halloween down here. So many houses are decorated and stuff. Lots of party ads too.
Its hard to remember what went on, all the days kinda mix together.
Thanks for everything. Love you all!
Elder Brian

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