Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter #39

Good news! We had a baptism last week! It was awesome. Jorge got baptized. We are still working with his mom. She's doing well, she just needs a little bit more time. She's awesome. She'll get there soon.
We are working with a guy named Brian right now. Haha, pretty ironic. He's doing great. He came to church last week and loved it. He's 19 so he's going to the singles branch so we've been working with that branch a lot this past week or so. He's looking really good for his date!
Sorry I dont have a ton of time today but I just want to let you guys know that I know that this church is true! That God loves each and everyone of us and he knows each of us and our needs. i know that Jesus Christ lives and that he really descended below every single one of us because he loves us and because of that we can be able to return to live with our families together again after this life. I love missionary work and i'm so glad to be out here. i love you guys a lot!
Always remember who you are!
Elder Brian

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