Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter #41

What up everyone!! We had an awesome week here in Laredo. I don't think I've sweat more in my life than i have this past week. I love showing up to people's doors looking like i just got out of a swimming pool. I'm sure they do too. ;)
To start off, Brian got baptized yesterday!! It was an awesome experience and definitely one of my more spiritual baptisms. Brian started tearing up and everything and the spirit was real strong. It just helped me grow even a stronger testimony of the Lord's work.
Earlier I was reading over a talk by Elder Ballard from the October 2013 Conference called "Put Your Trust In The Lord" I'm sure you guys have all read it, or at least heard it. If not, I'd get on that. Its a killer talk.  I love how he talks about 2 things that keep most people from sharing the gospel. 1 is fear and 2 is misunderstanding of the work. And that can all be solved by prayer. Pray for those missionary opportunities and you will be blessed with them. (Matt 7: 7-11) I know it works!!
Thanks for all the prayers an support! They are definitely felt out here in the mission field. I know i say this every week but i can't say it enough, i am so grateful to be out here in the field serving our Lord. For sure it is hard at times and there are times when i don't want anything to do with the mission but i know that those times make us who we are. Like they always say "Whatever doesnt kill you, makes you stronger"
E. Brian

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