Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter #30

Hey everyone! Transfers came! Im going to the Raymondville West area in the Harlingen zone! Its about an hour or so north from Cameron Park Brownsville area. I heard its a pure english area and its pretty rare that you have a spanish investigator. Im pretty bummed about that cause it will be a little harder to keep the spanish up but im pretty stoked for it. I dont know my new companions name but him and I are going to be white washing the area. Meaning both him and i will be new to the area so we just have to kinda get to know it some how haha. That'll be fun, im stoked for a change! Ive been in Cameron Park for about 6 months. I loved Cameron Park. Its gonna be a bummer to leave. The people are awesome. Really really humble people. But im sure there are going to be some great awesome people who need the gospel up in Raymondville too!
This week has been really good! Our investigator Blanca is doing really well. We've had a lot of younger people fellowship her and she loves it!!
This week I've been working and studying a lot about Patience. Im not the most patient kid on the block at all. And my comps are always getting after me for it haha but since ive been out on the mission, ive realized that patience is a huge part in becoming more like Christ. There is an awesome talk writen by Elder Utchdorf called Continue in Patience and its really helped me develp the Patience that i need. Its an awesome talk. If you have time, id definately give it a read.
Thanks everyone! Have a killer week!
Elder Brian

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