Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #29

Transfers are next week for those of you that might have gotten confused. Haha. Sorry about that.
Well, yesterday was fun. Super Bowl sunday haha. Texas is huge on football and im pretty sure everyone that had a T.V. was watching the game. We stopped by some members houses and we got some good Super Bowl food and saw bits and pieces of the game. (Not intended to be seen tho ;))
We had some investigators at church which was awesome! Mario Vicencio and his son. It was sick to see them there. We got kind of blindsided tho. After church we were talking and he pulls me to the side and says "Elder Brian, church was awesome. Thanks so much for stopping by and really helping me out. But i dont want you guys to come by anymore. im done." So that kinda hit us hard. I think the spirit might have slapped him a little too hard and he got scared of it or something. But thats not stopping us! I think we will pass by him sometime this week and just show him some love.
I love this Gospel! It really does change lives. I've seen it change people. Especially myself. Thanks for everything! I love you guys!
Con Amor
Elder Brian

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