Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #14

Its been sort of an up and down kind of week i guess. So this week we've been working with the Ochoa family of 5. We taught them the first lesson and it was amazing. Me and my companion thought we would never find a more prepared family than this one. So as the week went by we taught them more and more and they kept progressing. And we invited them to come take a tour of the church and they did! They met some members, got a tour of the building and had an awesome restoration lesson, they said they've never felt so good in a church building! Man, it was so awesome. After that, we committed them to church and they said they were super excited to come! So come Sunday, we were waiting for them at the church building and about half an hour before church starts we get a text from the Ochoa family saying they dont want to take the missionary lessons anymore, they dont wanna change their religion, and they dont want anything to do with the LDS church anymore. And this hit me pretty dang hard. I was like what the freak!! What did i do wrong?! This family, so willing to let us in and share our message with them, and they shut us down and we didnt even see it coming.
So, im still yet to find out why this all happened, hopefully i find out soon. But i know God has a reason for everything.
Other than that, its just been a regular week, we did a lot of biking around our area. Our area is huge! We've got a lot of work to do.
Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Brian

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