Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter #58

So, Mom and Dad, thanks for the little discipline and getting after me about writing longer letters. I'm sorry ok! I will try! Its just so hard when so much is going on at once that I cant even remember what happened two days ago! But I can honestly say I do love my mission and I am trying my best to save all the memories I can.

So I am going to back track a little bit and cover some stuff that I'm not so sure if i covered yet. Right now we are teaching a man named Achilles. He's awesome. Very humble man willing to do anything it takes to change. We've been teaching him for about a week and a half now and he's doing great. We started teaching him through one of our members, Brother Bryand. Its one of his best friends and Achilles was going through some rough stuff and went to Brother Bryand for help and that's when we came in. He's an ex-cartel member and he has some crazy stories! Anyway, we went through some rough patches in the teaching process, a lot of anti stuff that he heard and we thought we lost him but through fasting and lots of prayer we made it through and he's looking great for baptism this Sunday! He will have his interview tonight! 

That is our main focus right now in Del Mar. Actually, Achilles, being the great man that he is brought a friend to church yesterday and he loved it! His name is Jonathan. He accepted to be taught and we will work with him this week!

Transfers are coming up next week! We'll receive news this Sunday. This transfer is only a five week transfer because Presidente Maluenda will be going to Salt Lake City for a mission president conference so that means that next transfer will be a seven week transfer.

My comp is doing great! He's still kinda green but its alright, we're on the mission to learn right? We have a good time and i love him. The only thing that is hard is that I'm like 3 years younger than him and I can tell that he does NOT like being told what to do or receiving advise from a 19 year old kid! Haha.


Elder Brian

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