Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter #56

Another week of hitting the streets. Those weeks are the best!
So we were walking down a street the other day and we were heading to go contact a referral we had just barely received. We knock the door and a viajita (old hispanic lady) comes out and she's holding a bible.  She gives a surprised look and we make some small talk and we end up sitting down with her. We could tell pretty quickly she was a happy christian lady cause she started just rambling off random scriptures from the bible. So we get the few words in that we could and we ask her for some water. She then comes out with some water and out of nowhere she starts singing us a happy christian song and she belted it. I guarantee the whole neighborhood heard her! I couldn't take it. I just started busting up laughing, and almost spit my water all over the place. She continues to sing as i choke down the water that i have left and then it went really really silent, like she was expecting us to say something and then my companion yells while still laughing, Que Bonita!! Hahah! And then we gave her a card and got out of there pretty quick. It was hilarious.

Also we were out contacting and we run into this other Hispanic happy christian guy. He was working on his car and we asked him if we could help him out. He says no, but he asks us if we want to come sit down for a minute in his house. So we go in, he gets us some water and we have a good little talk and he pulls out his electric guitar, and his amp and he plugs it all in and starts to sing us a happy christian song in Spanish. And when Hispanics sing, they sing sin verguenza. ( I don't really know how you would say that in english. But like without shame. They don't care how they sound haha) So that was fun. It was just a week full of Hispanic people singing christian songs to us! I got a good laugh out of it. It was a blast. 

Love you guys!

Elder Brian

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