Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter #27

Well, i hit my 6 month mark this past week!! Its pretty crazy! Mom, i took this pic just for you haha. I hope you like it ;) When missionaries here hit their six month mark they burn a tie. So that is what I was doing at the time haha.
The weeks just keeping getting faster and faster i swear. My comps are awesome! We've been having a good time here in the hood of Cameron Park. What people say "A happy missionary is a baptizing missionary" haha. But i guess thats not really the case right now cause we arent having too much success. We are working with a younger girl right now named Blanca. Shes 19 and she is like one of the most humble people ive ever met. Its kinda hard to teach someone like that cause they dont really have a need. They are too humble to ask for anything or want anything.  And for missionaries that is what we feed off. The needs of people is like really how the lesson is based haha. But she is doing awesome! We just set a Baptisimal date for the 16th of February, but were secretly gonna try to get her to get baptized on the 9th if she comes to church.
Sorry its so short this week but i gotta go! Love you guys!
Con Amor
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