Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter #26

This week was pretty sweet! Time has been flying by since this transfer has started. We are already three weeks in! We're not having too much success with any of our investigators lately. A lot of them have been bailing on appointments and other tricky stuff thats hard to work with. (Cops and the law incuded) :(
We've been teaching a Mom and her daughter. Malinda and Jennifer. They were pretty sweet. Malinda is in her 50's or something and Jennifer is 21. They are really awesome people. Really willing to sit down and hear us out. So we've had about 3 or so lessons and they still haven't accepted a baptismal date! So we went over to the house the other day to do sort of like a drop lesson. Like if you dont make signs of progression, we have to stop coming by. So as we were walking to the door, me and my comps could just feel something wasnt right. So we knocked and Malinda answers all puffy eyed and tells us to come in. We come in and find out that Jennifer had been picked up and taken to jail. It threw us off big time. We were super shocked. It turns out that Jennifer's husband had been doing something against the law, who knows. And because Jennifer was with him, she got sucked into it. So there's a good lesson learned. Dont hang with the wrong people ;) Anyways to turn matters around, a little scripture story came to my mind as we were praying and i was able to share that with her and she said she could just feel a big rush of peace. It was awesome! The spirit was so strong in there! It was really cool to see that my studies paid off that morning :) So thats kinda where we are with them right now. We will have a couple lessons with Malinda this week and just kinda play it by ear or (the spirit) to see if she progresses or not.
Yesterday when we were in Cameron Park, we passed by a school and a bunch of guys were playing Futsal out in the school parking lot so we went and played with them! It was sick! Even though im not Mexican, i can still keep up with all these kids haha. It was sweet. We made good friends with a lot of the guys and hopefully we will be stopping by them and teaching some of them this week.  It started raining too, which was pretty fun. You can never pass up a good soccer game in the rain haha. But the only bad thing was that i put the phone down to play, and i didnt cover it with anything so when we went to pick it up it was soaking wet and now our phone is kinda broken. Whoops! Haha. Hopefully the couple missionaries that are in charge of that dont get too mad at me. ;)
Thats about it for this week! Thank you guys so much! The love and support gets me through. I know that this church is true and Im so glad i could be out here serving and sharing this Gospel that blesses our lives so much.
Con Amor
Elder Brian

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