Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter #21

Crazy week! We had three baptisms yesterday tho which was pretty sick! Feliciano, Ray, and Jailine. I got to baptize Feliciano in the spanish ward, it was awesome! First baptism in spanish!
The week was pretty crazy with him cause we had to get him married AND baptized. Me and Elder Roylance got permission to pool in our money and help him buy the marriage license. So finally after getting everything all ready we drove over to his house and then followed him and his girlfriend to the court house downtown. While we were driving we passed a cop and Roylance makes a stupid (but pretty funny) joke and was like "That would really suck if Feliciano were to get pulled over right now and deported back to Mexico" and then we both started busting up laughing and no joke, 30 seconds later a cop races by us, flips on his lights, and pulls Feliciano over! Me and Roylance just sat there in shock as we watched the cop pull Feliciano out of the car and get all up in his face. We sat there for like 15 minutes waiting and praying that he wouldnt get sent back to Mexico. After the big whole talk Feliciano got, the cop starts walking away and Feliciano looks over at us sitting in our car and throws up a huge thumbs up and puts a huge smile on his face and runs back and hops in his car. Haha, it was so funny! The cop ended up letting him off the hook... kind of. He still got a 350 dollar ticket for not having insurance, and no license.
That was probably the highlight of the week on the funny side. It was really cool to see Red baptize his little brother Ray and little sister Jailine too. He did really good.
The work down here is great! Were having a conference on Friday up in McAllen with a seventy named Ted R. Callister so that will be pretty exciting.
Thanks for everything! Happy Holidays!

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