Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter #52

I hate when I say "I have nothing to say" when really I have a lot to say, I just don't know how to say it. That pretty much just sums up the email that I'm about to write. I just have to much going on in my head that i cant even think straight anymore. I think the work is really getting to me.
Dad, I went over to a Vivint guys appartment last night for a quick Sunday dinner. He was pretty sweet. We we're talking Vivint and I told him about you and it turns out he went to Ghana with you when your crew went down. His name is Johnathan. And.... I totally forgot his last name sorry. But I thought that was pretty cool and I thought I'd let you know haha.
We are also working with a Vivint kid that is down here for the summer doing sales. He came to church one Sunday and he really liked it. Me and my comp introduced ourselves and totally just blew off the question to see if he was a member because he said he was from Utah. But it turns out he's not! So we'll see how that goes this week and maybe he'll return to Utah being a member. How cool would that be?!
Elder Brian

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