Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter #51

Well, its was a great 4th of July to say the least! We spent the night playing board games and..... more board games. I'd thought we'd see a lot more fireworks and parties but, then i remembered that most of the people here are not from here, but I still had a great day!

I've never really been put in a teaching situation like the one we are in right now. We are teaching this guy, his name is Tony. He's a 23 year old, look a like of Adam Sandler and he has schizophrenia. I think he is rad. The first couple times we went over I don't think he was on his meds and he was saying some crazy stuff. He kept calling himself "The Fat Cat that calls the shots" haha. I thought that was hilarious. At first we thought that we wouldn't be able to teach him because of his schizophrenia, like he wouldn't understand and wouldn't keep commitments but we found out that he is a well functioning guy and more than able to keep the commandments! He's been through a lot the past couple years. His mom went in to Mexico and she was kidnapped and they haven't seen her since. I cant even imagine how hard it is for him and his family. But me and my companion love teaching him and have already seen some major changes in his live since we've been stopping by. He loves hearing the gospel and listening to us the "Elder Men"
I love this gospel!
Elder Brian

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