Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter #47

Awesome week! Not too much success with investigators lately but,  just because the numbers aren't showing it doesn't mean it wasn't a successful week!
We went and worked in the outskirts of our area this week. It was awesome! For a second i felt like I wasn't even doing missionary work because of the trails and paths we had to bike on. Haha, it was like we were just mountain biking the whole time! But I'm not going to be the one to complain about it. We did end up finding a less active we didn't know about! She's really cool and I've got a good feeling we could get her back to church in no time!
Transfers are coming up next week! We've been hearing a lot of rumors that our area might be getting pink washed (when sisters come and take over) so I guess we'll see what happens. Our mission over the summer is supposed to be getting a ton of Sisters and by the end of the summer its going to be a half sister half elder mission. That's going to be weird. Especially cause I'm in a complete Elder zone right now!

​ If you send anything, just send it to the mission home. Thanks and love you guys!!!

Elder Brian
200 W. La Vista Ave.
McAllen, Texas 78501

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