Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Safe Arrival!

Hey Mom and Dad just wanna let you know i made it here safely! Its a whole other world out here haha. None of the leaders or teachers or whatever you call them will speak english. Not one word. So im pretty sure im gonna be speaking fluent spanish in like a week. The flight to Mexico felt like forever and i had a headache 90% of the time but its all good now. Im dead tired and trying to keep my eyes open as i write this message. The campus is huge! But its pretty baren right now, no one is here, you guys were right when you said im in the first batch of missionaries coming here. Theres like 50 elders and sisters and thats it. On the flight from Salt Lake to L.A. i met 2 other elders that were going to McAllen so i was pretty stoked about that and then in Mexico i met like 5 others. I found the kid you were talking about Mom. He came up to me and said that our parents knew each other but i cant remember his last name. I havent met my companion yet but i should be meeting him in just a little bit. Im stoked to get to work tomorrow tho! Ill write again soon. Love you guys

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