Friday, July 26, 2013

Letter #1

 Hey Mom and Dad!
The MTC is treating me alright i guess haha. i dont really know where to start, its been a long week. The food sucks, the dorms are nasty, no one speaks english, studying spanish and the gospel at the same time is sooo frustrating, i sometimes wanna punch my companion, but other than all that stuff its been good! im pretty sure ive lost about 5 pounds tho cause the foods terrible, but i can suck it up. So i have two companions right now. Elder Funk and Elder Scott, they are totall opposites of each other. Elder Funk is the kinda kid that wants to study every second of the day, even on free time. Elder Scott is the kid that jokes around and makes people laugh. Pretty good to have the best of both worlds with my companions tho. So the third day we got here, we had an investigator to teach already. We had to teach in spanish and i honestly only knew like 4 words in spanish. It was so awkward and went downhill from the begining. But we have a lesson to teach everyday and it gets better and better each day. My P days are on thursday just to let you all know. I see Savy all the time! Shes in my district, i went to the Mexico City temple with her today! It was awesome, beside the fact that it was all in spanish haha. Im in a house with Elder Avilla too, hes a pretty cool kid. And yes i did forget my toothbrush and gel, but its alright,  some elder hooked me up with a toothbrush. i dont have much time, but I love you guys and miss you guys a lot! but the work is good! Write you soon! Also tell Indy that this message is for him too, i dont have enough time to write everyone!

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