Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter #94

What up Fam?

What a week! 

So Elder Green and I have been fasting and praying that we would find someone to teach and baptize together and we almost lost hope, considering the fact that there are only 2 more Sundays in the transfer, but we got our miracle yesterday. So, we went by a members house Saturday night, and her niece happened to be there. We didn't think much of it, she wasn't too interested in talking to us so we just simply invited her to church. The next day, she was there! The fast and testimony meeting was really spiritual and after sacrament meeting we hopped on that and set up another appointment that same night, last night. So we go over and Sister Cavazos, the member, says that her niece could not stop talking about church! She loved it! So while she was out of the room, we gave the run down lesson to Sister Cavazos about what our plan was and told her that we wanted to set a BD for 2 weeks later and Sister Cavazos was down to help us out. So we taught the lesson and it was one of the most spiritual restoration lessons I've had in a while, it was sweet! We set the BD and she accepted it right off the bat. Her name is Meranda and she is 16 years old, Jr in high school. Im stoked to be working with some great investigators right now. Its the lessons like that that make the mission so awesome. God answers prayers, I see it everyday and I've gained a strong testimony of that out here. 

Just this morning we went out to Corpus Christi. It was fun! We didnt get to go to anything big, just a couple shops and came back. You cant do too much as a missionary up there but it was fun!

Elder Brian

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