Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter #92

What a week! You know it was a good week when you blow out ANOTHER pair of your pros shoes playing pros basketball. It was totally worth it though, now the elders up in George West have some great investigators to teach. I am now down to my last pair of shoes. Hopefully they can make it past the finish line.
This week was great! Our area needs a lot of work. We have a total of 4 active members and a bunch of less actives and currently no investigators. Elder Green and I decided to make things happen and set apart some time and set a lot of goals and plans to change our area around. We haven't finished the plans just yet, but they should be done by tomorrow and we should start seeing some miracles! Its weird to see how setting goals and plans can help you so much. At the beginning of my mission i used to just think, why not just go out and do it, who needs a plan, it will just all fall together if we work smart right? Wrong! I can't tell you how much Preach My Gospel and the scriptures talk about setting firm goals and plans. I had a really good study in Preach My Gospel this morning on chapter 8. I learned a lot about sticking to your plans, being responsible and following up. Its a big key to success in the mission field!
This week we had a little meeting with the Stake President in Portland. Its a cool area just outside of Corpus Christi. We had to cross a big bridge over the bay to get there. It was rad. Its a cool little bay city. We saw the huge Lexington ship. That thing is massive. I'm trying to convince the Elders to go over there on a P-day and check it all out. I think that would be sweet! Well, ya the meeting was great with the Stake Pres. He just talked about the vision that he has for the skate and what we can do to help. He wants us to focus a lot on Family History and the youth. He just recently also said that if we are teaching youth that don't have any family that are members, they have to come to church 8 times before they get baptized! I was pretty shocked, wondering how in the world we are going to be able to hit goals especially because we have a lot of youth that we are teaching in the zone, but it'll all work out someway or another.
Love you!
Elder Brian

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