Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter #87

Very, very distracting emails guys. Thanks, really appreciated. Haha, nah just kidding. Congrats Tan and Kade on the engagement! Im stoked out of my mind for you guys! You two love birds just go so well together.  And thanks for holding out until August, I hope that was just for me ;)
This week was great! It went a little slower than usual, Im not sure why exactly but it was good. This week we went hard on finding new investigators and it really paid off! We found about 20 new people to teach! Talk about "ask and ye shall receive" right? So, that means this week is going to be packed with teaching second lessons and third and fourth hopefully. I think its been quite a while since I've taught a 3rd or 4th lesson to an investigator here in Roma, they always seem to fall off the charts before then but that doesn't mean we are giving up!
We are still working really hard with our friend Amanda. She just got back from spring break so we can get back on track with her and see what we can do to help her be baptized by the end of this month.
The mission is great, life is good! God lives and this is His work and I love it.
Elder Brian

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