Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #73

Roma, Texas. It definitely has no comparison to Roma, Italia but nonetheless, its what I will be calling home for the next little while. ;)

Just to tell you a little about Roma, its a little town of about 11,000. Its about an hour and a half outside of the city of McAllen and its right smack on the border of Mexico. I love it. Border towns like these are the best. Because of the many wonderful and perfectly paved roads we drive on down here, our area has a truck. From a mini van to a truck, that's quite the upgrade if you ask me. Our district of 6 elders cover a little branch in the city of Rio Grande about 25 minutes from Roma. The branch building is pretty cool, It used to be a Baptist church building so its a little different but still great. My new companion is Elder Hatfield. He's from Ohio and turns out he knows the Tanner's. Small world. He's great. He's been out on the mission about 8 months and about 7 of them have been here in Roma so he knows the area pretty well.

Right now we are working with a couple people we found this week. The two that we found are Leo and Abel. They are brothers. Really cool guys and they came to church yesterday! They had a pretty cool experience and are looking good to come back next week.

It's quite the fast and testimony meeting when a nice little old lady decides to get up and read the whole chapter of Alma 34 right from the Book of Mormon for about 10 minutes straight. Roma is great.

Sorry no pics this week! But I will hopefully have some next week. Love you guys!

Feliz Navidad
Elder Brian

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